Kamila Zielinska Atelier Fall/Winter 2017 – „Ebony”


Kamila Zielinska Atelier Fall/Winter 2017 - „Ebony” The word „Ebony” has many meanings. The first that comes to mind, is the uncommon dark, resistant and expensive wood - black ebony. „Ebony” is also a feminine name, whose symbolism compliments the characteristics of this incredible natural source: the ties to tradition and origin, pride and endurance, and adamance. „Ebony” is also the main inspiration and title of the newest collection from Kamila Zielinska, who pays honour to the cultural riches of Africa, in particular to the proud, cultivating old traditions of the Maasai people, living in Kenya and Tanzania.

The collection was created for over a year and a half, because the process of creation for Kamila Zielinska escapes today's standards. Her projects are not birthed on paper, due to her masterly and sculpting method which consists of pinning material on mannequins. The designer independently creates all of the prototypes of the collection. This very authentically artistic way entails, that every element of the clothing that comes out of her studio, becomes the ideal compliment for the female body. She does not dominate or hide it, but also she does not undermine- she is an equivalent partner, who helps her clients find in themselves the maximum potential of beauty, to highlight originality, independence and love for genuine craft.

This is exactly how the silhouettes from the „Ebony” collection, whose main aesthetic motive became to bring in the game of contrasts between that which was „heavy” and „light”, were birthed. Structural elements of the collection, such as corset blouses, coats and tops of dresses, became softened by fringes and lose big skirts, which tie to the dynamic of the ecstatic dance of the Maasai people, whose full potential is revealed only when set in motion. Mysterious patters and types, which decorate amongst others the oversized fur coat, vests, waists and the necks of dresses and collars of shirts, were created with the precise and handcrafted method of applying decorative haberdashery tapes. The total length of these tapes used in the „Ebony” collection, reaches one kilometre! The „Ebony” collection is promoted by a photography campaign and dynamic fashion film, whose author is Marcin Biedroń. Responsible for the effective and unique styling, as well as for the whole artistic conception, is world known and acclaimed costume designer - Katarzyna Konieczka. In the styling, original Jewlery of the Maasai people was used which was made from beads, to which the collection ties, in particular its colour scheme bringing to mind African landscapes, the purity of the soil and the beauty of natural tones.

Maasai jewlery is not only the example of amazing ethnic craft created by women but also the richness of symbolism: Red- courage, strength, blood and daily struggles of everyday life Blue - air, water and energy Green - food, earth and territory Orange - friendship, generosity, warmth, hard earthen floor Gold - fertility and sun, under which and thanks to, crops can flourish White- purity, health and milk, an important component of the Maasai diet Black - oneness, harmony and solidarity, human The stylings complemented the seemingly „unfitting” shoes, which where meant to highlight, how important the lack of shoes in Africa really is and what joy it brings to the native inhabitants to have any kind of protection on their feet, regardless of their fashion, colour, or even size. The hair and makeup also ties to the Maasai tradition - red hair over there, is a symbol and privilege of the warriors (the rest of the members of the tribe shave their heads), and their characteristic red tone comes from a mixture of clay and ochre rubbed together with soaked animal fat to the hair. The „Ebony” collection will have its premier during the Slovakian event Trenčín Mesto Módy / Trencin City Fashion the 23rd of September, 2017 and will be the pinnacle of the evening of fashion. The designer Kamila Zielinska hasn't definitely closed the project „Ebony” just yet and will successively bring to the collection new propositions, which we will of course be informed of.

Materials: velour, viscose, knitwear, cotton, faux fur Colours schemes: black, red, faded pink, antique green, shaded olive Elements: dresses, pants, vests, jackets, fur coats, sets - blouse and pant Kamila Zielinska - Has been designing since 2010, she is the graduate of the International School of Fashion and Costume Design, the finalist of Złota Nitka / Golden Thread contest (3 awards and media distinction) as well as the winner of the special ASVOF Award, acknowledged by international press. She was distinguished by fashion critic Diane Pernet, as well as Robb Young’s - business journalist. She was also recognized by the British edition of Vogue magazine.

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwKkYznv-_ANNTktWTZFaURrTms/view

Session authors: Kamila Zielinska Atelier Campaign | Autumn Winter 2017 Photographer: Marcin Biedron | A12 Team Art director & style: Katarzyna Konieczka Model: Olga Radwan | NEVA Models Hair & make up: Daria Rynkowska Video: Przemek Grabicki Kaczy | SHOOTMACHINE Motion: Iggy Pacanowski